Mediterranean Risotto

By Chris Ferguson

When you have hiked the high road, this evening meal should prove a dawdle. Like the rest of the Ben Appetit series the results are quick, the food nutritious and tasty and with a little extra salt to replenish depleted mineral levels.


Chorizo sausage, available whole and pre-packed from most supermarkets (cost around �2).
Sachet of Uncle Ben's ready-cooked white rice.
Knorr Italian stock cube.
Couple of mushrooms, some chopped onions and peppers.
Quarter pint of water.
Table spoon of vegetable oil.


A little bit of preparation before you leave home will make all the difference to this meal.
On the morning of your departure, spend five minutes chopping some mushrooms, onions and peppers. Pop them in a bowl with a table spoon of water and blast them in the microwave for five minutes. Poor of the excess moisture and place then in a plastic container.
First job when you make camp is to light the stove and heat the oil.
Finely chop the chorizo and pop it into the oil.
Next, add the mushrooms, onions and peppers and heat through.
Now it is time for the stock cube, two if you like a really strong flavour.
The rice should go in hard on the heels of the now-melting stock cubes. Stir through until the rice is coated.
Follow this by adding the water and boiling until the mixture reduces into a tasty risotto. Then serve.