Who needs a rucksack?

New for 2002 is Belt Order Systems, a modular way to carry your gear in the great outdoors, whether you're walking, climbing, ski-ing or mountain biking.

The system clearly takes its inspiration from the military world, where troops carry various parts of their kit in belt-mounted packs and pouches. Indeed David Brady, the man behind the product, is a former Royal Marine who has seen service in some of the most arduous terrain in the world, including mountain, desert and jungle. He describes Belt Order Systems as a unique modular system that adapts to your changing needs on a daily basis.

The starting point for the Belt Order System is the heavy duty webbing belt on which everything hinges. The 50mm wide nylon belt features a cam-lock marine-grade stainless steel buckle with nylon fittings. It is priced at £5.95.

On to the belt attaches the Main Utility Pouch (£16.95) which, with a seven litre capacity, has space enough for all the things you'll need on a short low level hike, like a waterproof jacket, map and sandwiches. Made from Du Pont Cordura with nylon lining, it has quick release buckle fastenings and zips with extended toggles and weighs 300g. To ensure it sits comfortably against the body, the back of the pouch is padded with 10mm closed-cell high density foam.

Smaller Medium Utility pouches (£9.95 each) can be fixed to the belt on either side of this. There are specialist Medium Survival and Medium Medical pouches.

Depending on your requirements, you can add to the load with a selection of additional pouches designed for specific bits of gear. These include a small camera pouch (£6.95), chilled water pouch (£9.95), small binocular pouch (£5.95) and compact medical (£4.95), survival (£3.95) and utility (£4.95) pouches.

Ancillary equipment includes an insulated neoprene hydrator backpack (£19.95), note pad holder (£6.95), neoprene bottle cover (£3.95), Maglite torch holders (£3.95 and £4.95), travel wallet (£6.95) and a mobile phone pouch (£3.95).

If you need more space, the company also makes an integrated rucksack (£39.95) which can either be used on its own, or with the belt system. Made from Cordura it has a 25 litre capacity and features removable waist and chest straps. There is also a 15 litre backpack (£14.95) designed for runners and mountain bikers, featuring a helmet pouch.

For more info log on to www.beltordersystems.com