Get Boots made for Walking.

Scotland's arctic weather getting to you?
Unable to get out..and if you do, you find your apparel is completely unprepared for the driving snow, rain and cold weather.
You are not alone.

Hill walkers can be caught out by severe weather conditions ( see our advice guide to trekking) and now's the time to recheck and perhaps update the most critical hiking gear.
Your boots!

Good boots are essential on any hike, but even more so in this weather (See Colin's reviews of Summer boots) need to be strong, light, crampon compatible and above all water proof!
Gore -tex is still the leader in breathable, waterproof wear and is in most leading boots.
Remember to always take your intended hiking socks with you when selecting your new boots from a store.

Buying from a bricks and mortar store has the benefit of trying before buying but, alas you cannot always tell walking around the store if a boot is the right one for you.
Always check the store's return policy and see if they will accept returns after a few days, so you can try your boots out a little better.
Do this by walking up and down gradients around your home (without getting the boot dirty).

If the feet aren't snugly embedded and there is some loose movement of the foot in your boot, then don't hesitate to take the shoe back for an exchange.
Remember a lot of hikes are for at least the best part of a day.You can bear discomfort for a few hours but all day!?

We don't always suggest buying boots online unless you are actually familiar with the boots you want to purchase but the big advantage of some of the online stores is that they have a very agreeable return policy. have as a comprehensive range as I have seen in a online shop.And they have a generous 30 day return policy.

Don't figure that your boots will wear in, after time.
Good boots feel right straight away and need no breaking in, so if you are unhappy with your purchase don't hesitate to ask for a refund by return.
Cheers and Safe Hiking.